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Seedless Grapes


Grapes are of medium size, slightly smaller than the seeded variety. Plump juicy grapes has deep purple color.Ripens a few days before Concord. Hardy in zones 5-9.

MARS (PATENT #5680):

It is a blue seedless table grape showing excellent winter hardiness and vigor. Mars is extremely productive with large cluster and berry size. Ripens mid to late season. Hardy in zones 5-8.


The fruit of Reliance is round and medium in size with tender skins and flesh is melting in texture. Sugar content is very high and flavor is rated as outstanding. Ripens late July - early Aug. Hardy in zones 4-9.


For 1 year, heavy plants

Standard Grapes


It is a hardy, super-productive and dependable grape. Self fruitful. Ripens in late Sept. Tends to ripen unevenly in warmer areas. Hardy in zones 4-9.


A red variety with medium size clusters and medium size berries. Vine is vigorous and very productive. Ripens late Sept. to early Cot. Hardy in zones 5-7.


Similar to Concord but ripens 2-3 weeks earlier. Very productive strong growing vines. Needs less pruning. Entire bunch ripens at once. Ripens early. Hardy in zones 4-9.


Probably the most widely planted white hybrid in America. It is vigorous, hardy and ripens a few days before Concord. Heavy producer of large, tight, compact clusters. Ripens in late Sept. Hardy in zones 5-7.


For 1 year, heavy plants

Wine grapes


White; good for wine or fresh eating. Large compact clusters. Very productive, moderately hardy vines. Ripens mid-season. Hardy in zones 5-9.


Bluish black fruit. Short cane pruning. Ripens mid to late season. Hardy in zones 6-9.


Wine grapes


Small to medium clusters. Thin, tough, stringent, purple skin. Dark green flesh. Ripens very late. Hardy in zones 5-9.


For 1 year, heavy plants

New Release (Very limited)

NEPTUNE - First white seedless from U.of A. Firm, sweet fruit.

JUPITER - A new red grape, high quality & flavor.


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