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Specializing in Berry Plants, Grapevines and other small fruits.
Wholesale from the grower.

Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to our work. Our family has proven that it doesn't take a large acreage or big farm machinery to make a living on the land. On one occasion, our family was chosen "Farm Family of the Year'. We drew national attention and amazement from government officials when it was disclosed how a family and one red mule (Old Red) made a very good living on a few acres of mountain land. Since then, Old Red is no longer with us, but the fields he and our family worked in remain fertile and productive today. Today we are known nationwide for our high quality plants and we have become one of the nation's leading suppliers of small fruit plants. To be successful in the nursery business we must offer the best plants at a reasonable price and give good honest service to our customers. This is what we intend to do.

Don, Verda Pense & Family.

My Father (Pappy) and Old Red - 1963

DEAR CUSTOMERS: All plants are large field grown plants grown from virus free tissue culture foundation stock.
This assures you of a superior plant at a reasonable price.

Blackberry Plants

  • Thornless Blackberry
  • Thorn Type Blackberry

Raspberry Plants

  • Red Raspberry
  • Everbearing Raspberry
  • Black Raspberry


  • Seedless Table Grapes
  • Standard Grapes
  • Wine Grapes

Blueberry Plants

  • Northern Highbush Blueberry
  • Southern Highbush Blueberry

More Berry Plants & Trees

  • Elderberries
  • Figs
  • Pawpaw

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Did you know

In addition to high fiber content and nutritional value, berries contain an anti aging compound and it has been discovered that eating one cup of berries a day will destroy cancer cells. Berries are an excellent source for cancer prevention. Berries also have anti-viral and anti-bacterial compound.

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