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Thornless Blackberries (No. 1 Field Grown)

Triple Crown:

New from USDA - Cross of Carbondale 47 x Arkansas 545. Very productive, firm, sweet fruit with vigorous growth. Widely adaptable.


(Pat #8510) From Arkansas. Earliest ripening. Sweet , firm, upright growing.


(Patent pending) from Arkansas. Characteristics include very large fruit, vigorous upright growth, high yields and very sweet, glossy black fruit. It shows good cold hardiness and excellent disease resistance. Ripens in late June.


An outstanding new Thornless Blackberry from Arkansas. This will be a very important variety for the commercial grower and home gardener as well. It is early season with very large, sweet, high quality fruit. Natchez fruit maintains its large size throughout the picking season. Patent pending.


A new patented release from the University of Arkansas. Osage is very erect and vigorous with large, firm, high quality fruit. It has very sweet fruit with excellent shipping and storage qualities.


(New, patent pending). The latest thornless blackberry from Arkansas. High yielding, excellent fruit quality and flavor. Beautiful large, sweet fruit. Early season. Limited supply, order early.

Thorn Type Blackberries (No. 1 Field Grown)


A new variety from Brazil. Fruit is very large, super sweet, and flavor is outstanding. The canes are thorny but its flavor, size and fruit quality puts this variety at the top. Large field grown plants.

Everbearing Blackberries

Note: Everbearing blackberries will produce two crops per year.

Prime ARK 45:

A new patented thorn type everbearing variety from the University of Arkansas. This variety is becoming very popular with commercial growers. It has excellent flavor, large size, and ships very well.

Prime ARK Freedom

Just released from the University of Arkansas. This patented variety is the worlds first thornless everbearing blackberry. It is very productive with very large well flavored fruit. It is ten days earlier than other blackberries.

Prime ARK Traveler

The latest patented release from Arkansas. Traveler is a firm, very sweet, high quality berry and is a good shipping variety, thus the name "Traveler". It is medium large and packs very nicely in a clamshell. Limited supply. Spring shipment only.

Large 2 year size, field grown plants. Limited supply. Please order early.

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