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Blueberries (2 yr. 12" - 18")

Northern Highbush

Zones 3-7


Early season. High quality. Excellent flavor.


Mid season. Widely planted.


mid season. Excellent all around berry.


Early. Firm fruit.


Released by the USDA and has the reputation of being the worlds largest blueberry. The fruit is dark blue, sweet flavored, and up to 1 inch in width. Ripens over 4-6 weeks making it a great choice for U-Pick and home gardeners. A real eye catching variety.


Early to mid season. Sweet. Heavy yields.


Large, firm, sweet fruit. Easy to pick. Excellent quality.


Late season. Vigorous bush with consistent, high quality fruit.


An excellent cultivar from Michigan with large, firm, sweet, fruit. Excellent winter hardiness and a great commercial variety. Mid late season.


From Michigan. This variety has excellent winter hardiness and has produced a consistent crop even after temperatures of minus 30 degrees. It has medium size fruit with an excellent wild blueberry like flavor.


Early. Slightly tart. Tolerates wet soil. Heavy yields.


A vigorous, fast growing blueberry with large, excellent quality fruit. Good color, firmness, and outstanding flavor. Excellent choice for fresh market or the home garden. Early mid season.

Southern Highbush

Zones 6 - 10


Evergreen variety that bears heavy yields of large fruit. One of the best flavored of all blueberries. Beautiful orange foliage through winter.

Pink Lemonade:

For those who want to try something a little different. A very productive variety of sweet and beautiful pink fruit. This vigorous variety from USDA is also very ornamental.


Very large fruit with a spicy sweet flavor. Dependable, high yielding, and vigorous.

Ozark Blue:

A patented variety from the University of Arkansas. It is large fruited with attractive sweet berries.


A new variety from North Carolina. This variety is quick to come into production. We are really impressed with its beautiful fruit with such a fantastic sweet flavor.


This variety from USDA is productive, excellent flavor, and nice large fruit with wonderful flavor. A notable characteristic of sweetheart is its ability to flower and produce a second crop in the fall where weather conditions are suitable.

Southern Rabbiteye Type

Zone 6 - 9


Early season. Medium size berries. Good sweet flavor.


Late season. Medium to large dark blue fruit. Sweet. Highly productive.


Early to mid season. Large, light blue, high quality fruit. Excellent flavor. Highly productive.

Jumbo plants ( 24" - 36") please add $0.75 per plant.

Plant two varieties for cross pollination.

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