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Seedless Table Grapes (2 yr. Size Plants)


Blue, pat #5680. From Arkansas. Very disease resistant. Excellent flavor and cold hardiness. Good shipping variety.


Pink, pat # 5174. From Arkansas. One of the sweetest of all grapes. Very winter hardy.


A firm red fruited variety from Canada. It has a fruity, strawberry like flavor. It is very winter hardy, stores well, and fruit quality is very high.

Standard Grapes (2 yr. Size Plants)


Blue. Favorite for juice, jelly, or fresh eating.


Pink. Good for wine, juice, jelly, or fresh eating. Delicate sweet flavor.


White. Good for wine, juice, jelly, or fresh eating. Sometimes called White Concord.


Blue. Ripens 10 days before concord. Widely adaptable.


Blue. A patented variety from University of Arkansas. Very vigorous with very high quality fruit. More heat tolerant than other varieties.

Wine Grapes (2yr. Size Plants)


White. Makes a clean, neutral, light dry wine. Excellent productivity.


Bluish black. Very disease resistant. Makes a superior quality, tart, claret - type of red wine.

Seval Blanc:

White fruited. Superior, clean, brisk, white wine; finest quality. Highly productive, good disease resistance.

Cynthiana: (Also called Norton)

Black; dark green flesh. Makes the most expensive red wine. High quality.

Muscadine Grapes


A large black skinned variety, self fertile, and very sweet. It is a very disease resistant variety.


Ripens earlier than other varieties with high yields, large black fruit, and is disease resistant. It is best know for its delicious taste and texture with an edible skin.


Bronze color, large fruit, and excellent flavor. One of the largest of the self fertile cultivars. An easy to grow variety.

Southern Jewel:

A high yielding, disease resistant, large black fruited variety. It produces fruits in bunches of six to twelve berries per bunch. Fruit is sweet with a crisp texture and edible skin.

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