Boston Mountain Nurseries

Elderberries, Figs and Goji Berries

Elderberries: Large field grown plants.

These are great for landscaping, commercial or home garden use.

American Elderberry:

Excellent for jelly and wine. Widely planted for medical uses. This thornless bush has lovely large clusters of white fragrant flower in spring followed by large clusters of purple fruit.

Figs (Large 1-Gallon Potted)


Also called sugar fig because of its extremely sweet flavor. It is vigorous, heavy yielding, and a little more cold hardy than other figs. Fruit is medium large with a light maroon color. Hardy to about 5 degrees F. All figs can be grown farther north with a little winter protection.

Brown Turkey:

Beautiful, very large figs with a lovely dark maroon color. Its large tropical looking leaves make this a lovely landscape specimen.

Goji Berry

Known as the super fruit. It will grow into a bush about five to six feet tall and will produce a heavy yield of orange/red fruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants. This bush is native to parts of Asia and will grow just about anywhere.

Note: Varieties may be combined.

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