Boston Mountain Nurseries


Red Raspberry (No. 1 Field Grown - Summer Bearing)


A new heavy yielding raspberry with a pleasant, sweet flavor. Fruit is large and is suitable as a commercial or home garden variety.


From Canada. Extra hardy, firm, sweet fruit. Tolerates up and down temperatures.


From Nova Scotia. Cross of Southland and Boyne. Medium large, deep red high quality fruit. Early season. Excellent heat and cold tolerance.


Outstanding, heat tolerant, highly productive variety. Beautiful large, bright red fruit with a cherry like flavor.

Everbearing Raspberry (No. 1 Field Grown)


A new patented everbearing raspberry with large, sweet, high quality fruit. It ripens two weeks after Heritage which will extend the fruiting season and it does well in the south because it ripens in late fall after hot summer heat is over.


Very Productive with large high quality fruit. Widely adaptable and ripens earlier than other everbearing varieties.


Widely planted. Popular commercial variety. Ripens late summer and will produce until frost.


Extremely sweet with a beautiful golden yellow color. Its sweet and attractive fruit makes it very popular as a commercial or home garden variety.

Black Raspberry (No. 1 Field Grown)


One of the very best of the older varieties. Still remains a favorite of the commercial grower and the home gardener.

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