Below is a letter to the editor sent to the Wall Street Journal commenting that the Wall Street Journal on Earth Day made no mention of Earth Day.The Wall Street Journal did not publish this letter.




What no Earth Day?


I am a subscriber of the Wall Street Journal and was disappointed that there was no mention of earth day in Fridayís paper.Stealing of property is the original and biggest threat to business and any pollution of land, air, and water that is not yours, is stealing.For example if your activities pollute ground water of some else home or business that is a crime and against the principals of capitalism.Many of us offer insurance to our employees; air pollution resulting in repertory problems increases all our premiums.If your property is upstream from my property and you drain a wetland resulting in the flooding of my property that is an illegal taking.Earth day is a day for us to all look at how we are respecting this distinctive property we all have a piece of, called the Earth.Donít fall for this short tem thinking that business and a healthy environment donít mix.Or that is it somehow anti-capitalism.You only need to look at the former Soviet Union to see the mess they made of their environment under communism.


Environment protection is the shinnying star of democracy where our founding fatherís vision of property rights protection for all of it citizens is enforced.


Jim Ellis

Betty Ann Sharp



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