The following pictures were taken by friends, family, and random fellow hikers with Larry on the trail in 2002.


Unc No hands on McAfee Knob, VA


Shenandoha Nationa Park: Unc with Nephews and Niece (left to right) Jack, Drew, Maisy, Unc, Charlie


Feral Ponies: Greyson Highlands, VA


Laurel Falls, VA


Mollies Ridge Shelter, Great Smokey Mountains National Park


Unc, Rhododendron thickets, NC


4/7/02 Springer Mt, GA††† Larry-150Lbs, pack 65Lbs

While blaze, Old Plaque, New Plaque, Blue Blaze


Shelter at Katahdin Stream Campground.Jim beaming.Larry sleeping.


Todd Ellis climbing the gateway on the side of Katahdin


Larry and Jim on Katahdin.


Larry on sign at end of trail.Good thing he didnít hike north to south, this sign would be on the



Summit of Katadin.From Right to left, Larry, Todd, and Jim(hiding behind the hand, nice shot

random guy on the summit.).


Knifeís Edge.


Larry at Harpers Ferry 7-22-02


View of Rhododendron gap in Greyson highlands Virginia


Larry Huemmler on top of Albert Mountain.



View from the top of Albert Mountain, in N.C.


Copyright © 2002-2003 Larry Huemmler and James P. Ellis

Copyrights to all pictures belong to their repective photographers.

All rights reserved

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