Well I hope stir up a little controversy on this page and get people thinking.I see a wave of selfish unchristian like behavior sweeping our nation.And I am disturbed by the direction we are going.†† What I say here will probably challenge everyone eventually, at least I hope.So letís cut to the chase.It does get more direct than this thought I wrote on the banks of Walden Pond.


Jim Ellis


What is relevant?(An age old question for which we know that it is not the answer but the process of trying to answer the question that is the meaning of life)Many religions replace this quest with a prewritten answer, chose A, B, or C on your standardized test and do what they say.The problem is when you get people to stop questioning their own place in the universe you can get them to do anything without questioning it.(the Crusades, The World Trade Center attack)And in other cases this spiritual journey has been replaced by pursuing purely frivolous pursuits.


So what is relevant?When you, your kids, and all their kids are all gone, what difference will it matter that you were here.Whether there is a god or not the answer is the same we all should do what we can to advance society and not just enrich our personal lives. Helping society achieve, advance, and further its ability to assist in the quest for answers may be the only thing that can truly endure.





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