Silent Winter


You have heard my calling and you have followed.

Busting away from every shred of civilization in the

hope of confronting life in its simpler terms.

This chosen and desired solitude

sets itself apart from any other you have experienced.


You are no longer protected by man's artificial environment,

yet you are comfortable.

My cold winter wind blows hard,

but it is a sound that warms the soul.

It seems like you could stay forever out here

as you glide softly along the snow.


Out here there are no problems;

your troubles are blown from your mind

like the snow off the rocky cliffs above.

The organized and protected world you left behind

now seems so meaningless in comparison

to this winter wonderland.


Here, miles from any other,

you can cast away all you hold so dear in your artificial world;

your status, your goals, and your identity.

Once you have cast off your shell

it becomes yours to examine and do to as you see fit.


I will not give any answers, but here in my silent and unspoiled world

you can finally listen to yourself.





Copyright 1987 James P. Ellis

May not be distributed for commercial purposes without permission from James P. Ellis

Free to distribute for non-commercial purposes if properly credited and includes this notice


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