I did not come up with the idea for this poem.I donít believe I could.My mother told me that it was something given to someone she knew at Lynn Hospital I believe who was taking care of an elderly and invalid woman.I could not find the original poem.Here is my attempt to capture the poem, since some ideas are too special to lose.


Jim Ellis



You see me as an old woman, frail and bony.

But I, like you, was young once.

With dreams as big as the sky;

running into the arms of my boyfriend.

Inside I am still that passionate young woman.


You see me as a weak old man, unable to lift myself up from the table.

But I was young like you once.

Confident in my strength, throwing two hay bails at a time off the trailer.

Inside I still have the fire of that strong confident young man.


You see me as half dead, not going anywhere not seeing anything.

But I was an adventurer running up the highest volcano

wanting to see everything, showing no fear.

Inside I still have that thirst for adventure.


You see me as dim, not able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

But I use to debate till the sun rose on the next day:

philosophy, whether the war was right, and great ideas for starting a business.

Inside I am still that young idealist.


You see me with no relatives, unknown and unloved.

But I was someoneís baby once

and they looked at me as they held me in their arms

and wished all their hopes and dreams for me.

Inside I still carry those hopes and dreams.


So donít give up, try to get through, because inside I am you.




Copyright © 2001 James P. Ellis

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